My Latest Obsession: The Painted Trainer

June 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Every year in elementary school, there was a week during which students would sell candy bars to raise money for the church. The classroom that sold the most candy was rewarded with the famous “golden sneakers” on their classroom door, a pair of old Nike high tops spray painted by the gym teacher Mr. Solsten. To we students, those shoes represented many things: success, hard work, and, above all, total conquest. But we also thought they were butt ugly.

And then, just this summer, I found the shoes online. Well, not the exact same shoes. These haven’t been worn by legions of elementary school teachers who paired them with cat sweaters or earrings in the shape of christmas ornaments. And these aren’t made by Nike- they’re Martin Margiela.

Martin Margiela gold high tops (via Martin Margiela)

From the back (via Martin Margiela)

They’re also offer in white high top, gold low top, and silver low top, amongst others.

Martin Margiela painted high tops (via SSense)

The gold version (via Oki-Ni)In silver low-top (via Oki-Ni)

In silver low-top (via Oki-Ni)

In red low top (via Oki-Ni)

I’ve seen both the high tops and low tops in person at the Martin Margiela store at Shinsegae in Seoul. They’re even more fabulous in person, and they’re really sturdy. I’m personally in love with the white high tops. The shape gives them a slight 90s feel, and the white paint is more subtle than some of the other colors like red, which could read as a bit obnoxious. The low tops are also nice, though. I love that they’re laceless.

The shoes, at least the high tops, retail for a hearty $331.  On sale.  So if you happen to be bored with a pair of suede sneakers you have, consider an afternoon of diy. All you’d need is some paint and the bravery to plaster it on your shoes.


My Latest Obsession: The Dirty Sneaker

June 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

This all started when I tried on a pair of Leather Crown sneakers at Koon.  They looked beat up, like I had worn them to a heavy metal concert where lots and lots of people with dirty soles jumped on them repeatedly.  But despite their weathered look, the suede felt nice and the structure of the shoes seems pretty sturdy.  They went perfectly with my black jeans and leather jacket, and for the 30 seconds they were on my feet, I had my model-off-duty look down pat!  I was in love.

Leather Crown shoes (via Goffo)

Leather Crown high tops (via Goffo)

Since then, I’ve noticed that several other companies have their own version of the dirty shoe.  My favorite are by an Italian company called Golden Goose, which is now everywhere in Apgujeong and Cheomdan-dong at retailers like Boon the Shop and Ecru.

Golden Goose high tops (via SSense)

Rag & Bone also has their own versions, although they’re much less dirty than either of the aforementioned ones.

Rag & Bone sneakers with dirty sole (via Rag & Bone)

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