Episode 7 Recap: Everyone Under the Bus!

September 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Viktor's look

It’s gonna be a showdown folks! Heidi announces that the 10 designers will be split into two teams of 5, eliciting a collective groan from the group. Furthermore, there will be no team leader, and the designers must work as a collective (how socialist of you, Project Runway) to put on a 5-piece fashion show complete with video and music playing in the background. Anthony Ryan, the winner from last week gets to choose the first member of his team. He picks Anya, and then Viktor, Olivier, and Bryce join Team Chaos. Meanwhile, Heidi draws Joshua’s name from the hat; his team, Nuts and Bolts, consists of Laura, Kim, Becky, and Bert. Bert, of course is the kid who is always picked last for dodgeball, and then grumbles about how he doesn’t like any of the other kids anyway.

The episode isn’t really a battle between the two teams. We’ll tell you now: Team Chaos wins this in a rout. They are a model team. The weakest link is obviously Bryce who wants to prove so badly to the other designers that he was worth being picked over Bert. The real drama unfolds between Mr. Glitter Gun (Joshua) and Bertzilla who have both alienated most of the other designers it was about time they had to work together. Joshua immediately calls out Bert who denies cursing under his breath (which, in the playback clearly indicates that Bert did drop an f-bomb). Joshua’s tantrum and subsequent meltdown though, kills any chance of team unity. Tim eventually has to step in, “Let your ego go as much as you can.” He then forces Team Nutsy to join hands in an act of solidarity. We’d like to note that Joshua was holding Becky’s arm as though he’s worried of being infected by her poor taste.

The two teams must create three different prints that must be incorporated into the majority of three looks. Team Chaos uses the Rorshach test as their inspiration and they make three prints that resemble the squiggles of a madman. Joshua’s team uses clocks – literal clocks with gears and numbers – as their inspiration. They eventually choose three horrendous prints, one of gears, another of numbers, and the last is a graffiti made of words like “delayed” and “canceled.” Their lady is always late, evidentally because she is confused by all of the numbers written on her skirt.

The Good

Olivier’s jacket and Viktor’s evening gown are incredible. Olivier spent most of his energy focused on creating an exceptionally tailored jacket with a plunging neckline, pleats along the bottom half, and a (faux?) leather lapel. Michael Kors says it’s “one of the strongest tailored pieces we’ve ever seen” on Project Runway. Nina Garcia tells Olivier, “That’s the jacket I want.” Olivier’s cropped pants made from the most geometric of the prints, were probably his undoing. He put them together in the last hour, and they were clearly just there so that his model didn’t walk down pantsless in a fabulous jacket.

Viktor’s evening look was my personal favorite. His dress had a hand-daubed “Rorshach” panel with sheer shoulders and back that forms a bit of a T – continuing their motif of rectangular backs. The bottom of the dress flowed beautifully with a slit up the right leg. The look was the very best of the collection: eleganza with an urban streak.

Overall, it was good to see a team work so well together. We suspect that Anya won as a bridesmaid-finally-gets-the-bouquet sort of thing (btw we just realized that the actress was Helen from Bridesmaids! Can we have Kristen Wiig next?!). We’re not really upset about it though as we, just like everybody else, are IN LOVE WITH HER HAIR.

The Bad

The bad consists of the best of Team Chaos and the worst of Team Nuts. Of the former, the judges call out Bryce for making a “mall” look in an otherwise sophisticated collection. On the latter, Kimberly opts out of the print, but still makes a lackluster outfit. The lesson is that a bad collection brings down whatever solid individual pieces there are. Michael, however, notes her savviness and says, “She’s very into self-survival… Kimberly was smart that not a lot of people wanted to have canceled on their crotch.”

The Ugly

On the runway, the elimination is down to Becky and Joshua. Nina says there is “no design whatsoever” in Becky’s look. Michael says, “I think she can sew. But it’s not Project Seamstress.” Meanwhile, Becky and Bert contend that Joshua should go home for bringing bad juju to the team from the outset. However, Nina points out, “You had no leader. So you all had the responsibility to speak up and change things.” In the end, the judges evaluate the work. While Joshua’s piece was busy, the front of his jacket, cut to look like the gears of a clock, was inventive and interesting. Becky’s skirt, while she made it three times, was still a dull skirt that could probably have been constructed yet another three times.

Ultimately, this is a design competition, and the best designer – not necessarily team player – should win. While they await their verdict, Joshua tells Becky, “I know what I want to deliver to someone and I feel that you don’t. So that is probably why I should be here and why you should not be here.” The judges agree and eliminate Becky.

Next week: The real person challenge! Boyfriends help design outfits for their girlfriends!


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