My Latest Obsession: The Distressed Leather Jacket

August 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

Captain America returning from battle (via

To snap me out of my boredom-induced stupor at a screening of Captain America, I walked out mid-movie to get some frozen yogurt. But what led me to reenter the theater instead of shopping at Tods across the street was the movie’s seductively rugged costuming. The narrative takes place in the 40s, in the thick of WWII, and Captain America and his ruff-and-gruff colleagues deck themselves out in some of the most alluring war clothes I’ve seen on the big screen: olive henley shirts, woolen military coats, earthy fatigues. But above all, the costume item that I haven’t been able to get out of my head is Captain America’s distressed leather jacket, seen above.

I’ve scoured the internet in search of items that would offer a similar ruffian-goes-Hollywood look and found an Alexander McQueen check leather jacket that would do just the trick. The bottom of the jacket looks like it was eaten by a pack of dogs, or torn in a fight with a superhuman villain trying to take over the world.

Alexander McQueen's distressed leather jacket

Among the other stand out finds is DSquared’s shearling leather jacket, made from worn, brown leather that creates a convincing vintage effect. The jacket also features a large, shearling lapel as well as square quilting on the elbows that recalls Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughs in The Aviator. Diesel’s Limaya leather vest is equally amazing. It has black canvas piping and grey stitching around the shoulders for extra oomph.

DSquared's shearling leather jacket (via

Diesel's Limaya Leather Vest (via

The McQueen jacket is sold out everywhere I’ve checked, but you can get the DSquared and Diesel items at our friend


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