My Latest Obsession: Herrlicht Glasses

July 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some describe the Alexander Wang look as “model off-duty.” In that vein, I’d say the Fashion Mole look (or “lewk,” as the lingo now goes) is “museum curator off-duty,” with the central elements of this style being slight myopia and the right pair of frames. Enter Herrlicht, a German eyewear brand that carves simple, yet wholly unique eyewear from a variety of woods: maple, cherry, walnut, or fumed oak.

I’m personally obsessed with the HL 09 model in maple. They contrast well with my olive skin, and the soft shape compliments my rounded face.

HL 09s in maple (via

Each pair of frames is hand made in Germany in a small shop overseen by founder Andreas Licht. He and his design crew keep individual wood grains intact on the glasses, which gives each pair a crafty quality.

Licht working in his studio

These frames are pretty elusive. The Herrlict website doesn’t offer online sales nor a stocklist. I did, however, find several pairs of Herrlict frames at Ic! Berlin in Taipei.



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