Now Trending: The Cruella de Vil Bob

June 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week, Lady Gaga released the video for her single “The Edge of Glory.”  It was a throwback to the 80s, with ominous red mist lingering in the background and Gaga sporting Versace from the Gianna era.  To me, the most interesting aspect of the video wasn’t the clothes or the set; rather, it was Gaga’s two-toned bob á la Cruella de Vil.

Gaga in "The Edge of Glory"

Cruella de Vil's iconic bob

The bob was a refreshing alternative to the Troll-esque look she’s been sporting for the past year or so.  I’m hoping the teal wig she wore to the CFDA’s was the swan song of that “do.”

The de Vil bob was also seen in YouTube sensation Rye Rye’s “New Thing” video that was also released this week. The video was a collaboration with New York-based designer Prabal Gurung, who used it in lieu of a runway show to promote his inaugural resort wear line.  Unlike Gaga, who paired her hairdo with an S&M-inspired aesthetic, Rye Rye went with a sunny, popsicle-y style that’s appropriate for summertime.

Rye Rye's bob in "New Thing"


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