K-Pop’s Love Affair with Commes des Garcons

June 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

My favorite thing about male k-pop stars is that they’re not afraid of fashion.  In the last year alone, I’ve seen them wear blue leopard print, coats with furry gorilla sleeves, skirts, and a variety of drop crotch pants.  But among all the trends and designers I’ve seen them wear, Commes des Garcons has offered some of the most iconic looks for k-pop’s leading men, namely San E and G-Dragon.  I first noticed Commes in k-pop last September when I saw San E wearing a Commes blazer with cut-outs while performing his hit “Tasty Mountain” on Music Bank.  He wore similar versions of the same blazer at following performances of the same single, as well as on various promotional ads and the album cover for “Everybody Ready?”

San E performing "Tasty San" with Min of Miss A

Red cut-out blazer from Commes des Garcons S/S 11 collection (via Stylesight)

Cover of San E's album "Everybody Ready?

Cut out blazer from the Commes des Garcon S/S 11 collection (via Stylesight)

When Big Bang made their big comeback this Spring with the release of their album “Tonight,” G-Dragon followed in San E’s footsteps, wearing items from the Commes S/S 11 collection for various performances of their first single of the same title.


GDragon performing at Music Bank

In many ways, Commes makes sense for San E and G-Dragon.  Although both artists cater primarily to adolescent girls who love everything pop and mainstream, their music offers a depth and texture that is often absent in mainstream Korean music.  In “Tasty Mountain,” for example, San E criticizes pop music with a wink, and G-Dragon, who writes many of Big Bang’s hits, constantly brings new sounds and music styles to the Korean entertainment scene.  Like Commes des Garcon, their art is high culture that can can translate to a mainstream audience that embraces showmanship, bright colors, and a playful attitude.

Also, Commes makes sense because, from what I can tell, San E and G-Dragon simply have good taste.


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