My Latest Obsession: The Watch Parts Pin

June 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m a minimalist.  I love straight lines, cleanliness, and uninterrupted planes of black.  But lately I’ve gotten a bit bored.  To spice up my often pared-down look, I’ve been sporting a new accessory: a watch parts pin.

Watch parts pin

I like turning it around and looking at the back.  Notice the rust and the tiny battery still inside.

Watch parts pin (back)

I found it at a store in Hongdae selling odds and ends.  It was probably made by a student from nearby Hongdae University.  The industrial look of the pin compliments the workmen trend that’s been lingering in the menswear world for the last several years (i.e. Rag and Bone S/S 11, Dries van Noten S/S 11, etc.)  If you had an old watch laying around, I’m sure with a screw driver and some glue, you could make one yourself.

This item got me thinking of other unconventional of wearing a watch.  I found this beautiful Hermes watch collar on Jak&Jill.

Hermes watch collar (via Jak & Jil)

And this chic watch-skeleton ring by Once Lost, worn my friend Izzy of the Dandy Project.

Watch-skeleton ring by Once Lost (via TheDandyProject)



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